Carnatic Music Classes

As a teacher, I consider personalized care of utmost importance. Small group sizes allow me to identify individual strengths, address weaknesses, and nurture talent to help each student realize their potential to the fullest. A nurturing environment with focus on rigor are the essential ingredients of my approach.

While Carnatic music has come down through the ages almost exclusively as an oral tradition, students today benefit from the efforts of many, to set down curricula for future posterity. Aradhana-NH follows the adaptation of practice and theory accredited by Madras University.

Beginner (~6 months)

  • Details: vocal exercises limited to a few Ragas (melodic schemes), and an introduction to Tala (rhythmical aspects)
  • Text: Ganamrutha Bodhini – Part I

Intermediate (~6 months – 1 year)

  • Details: treatment of lyrics in the context of Geethams (small songs) set to diverse Ragas and Talas
  • Text: Ganamrutha Bodhini – Part II


  • important milestones include Varnams and Krithis (two distinct performance genre), while overall focus shifts to improvisation and completion of concert repertoire

Classes are offered throughout the year and meet once a week for an hour. Weekend lessons are also available.