About Sandhya

"Music is a divine gift to mankind. Music for me is that which stirs the soul of the listener and elevates the singer to higher planes."

Sandhya Sridhar

Sandhya Sridhar's first forays into music were as a toddler, growing up in Matunga, a cultural center of Bombay. Music resounded from every corner of this bustling suburb and her formative years heralded in Shanmukhananda Sabha, the then largest arts center of its kind in the subcontinent.

By the age of 6, Sandhya was under the able tutelage of Smt.Alamelu mani, mother of modern day singing sensation Hariharan. She soon blossomed into an excellent student of remarkable talent and maturity. While she chose educational pursuits, and later motherhood as her priorities, music remained an integral part of her life.

It wasn't too long before she debuted again, this time in the role of a teacher. Over the past 20 years, her insistence on excellence and authenticity of approach have become her hallmarks. Not surprisingly, her students have become a main stay in premier venues of the Greater New England area, and have won many prestigious prizes and making a name for themselves.

Sandhya is a long time resident of Nashua, New Hampshire. Her husband Dr.Sridhar Raghavan, is currently an Entreprenuerial Technologist after a long career as a Fellow at Motorola/Nokia-Siemens. Her daughter Dr. Vasanthi, a Graduate of Harvard and Columbia Universities, is a Cancer Genetics Researcher at MIT-Harvard Broad Institute. Vasanthi's husband Dr. Srini, an MD/PhD from Harvard is a Research Fellow at Mass General Hospital and MIT-Harvard Broad Institute. Vasanthi and Srini were blessed with a baby girl mid-2015. Sandhya's son, Dr. Ananth, just completed his PhD in Mathematical Physics from UC Berkeley and is doing post-doctoral research with an eminent professor in Germany. He plans to return to U.S soon for pursuing advanced research career in the Industry.

Sandhya has been serving on the board of directors of MIT's MITHAS organization since 2008. She is a prominent and active member of the New England Indian community.

My philosophy

Manaseeka Guru : Smt. M.S. Subbulakshmi

Smt. M.S. Subbulakshmi

Carl Sagan brought astronomy to the coffee table. M.S. Subbulakshmi accomplished the same for Carnatic music.

I draw my inspiration from such individuals.

"Aradhana." Worship or service to a higher cause. My Aradhana is through music.

Music is a divine gift to mankind. Music for me is that which stirs the soul of the listener and elevates the singer to higher planes.

Carnatic music lays great emphasis on vocal music. Bhavam (emotive expression), Ragam(melodic tune) and Talam(rhythm) are the essential ingredients of this form. The beautiful amalgam of all these features, weaved together in the context of spiritualism in a more general sense lays the cornerstone for classical music. Thus, the vocal form is an immense responsibility and challenge to impart. As a teacher I consider it my responsibility to preserve the tradition and meticulously nurture the younger generation in this art form. It is my endeavor to inspire every student to learn and appreciate Indian classical music in its most authentic and pure form. I strive to inculcate not only superior musical skills but also the character and values to become a good musician.